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Long term residence

GijónSurfHostel offers long term accommodation for students, professionals, sportsmen and sporstwomen. It is located in the privaledged part of the city, located in front of the beach, 5 minutes from the city centre and from the University, GijónSurfHostel and the University Campus are directly connected by a bike path, a bus stop, as well as a free public car park, that are just in front of the urban hostel.

Furthermore, by making the most of the bike path, with the objective of improving transport, promoting sport and reducing pollution, GijonSurfHostel offers free use and availability of bikes to anybody staying at the hostel.

At GijónSurfHostel we know how important it is to be able to have friends and or family to say so we provide 10 nights free lodging for any friend and or family member for all students.

We receive female and male students, with the following profile

  • Committed to their studies and responsibilities
  • Respectful with other housemates and anybody sharing communal areas.
  • With the spirit of sharing and who are respectful in study areas.
  • Hospitibal people
  • Active people

Places: 11 places, distributed in 6 bedrooms doubles or individual and 1 en-suite.

Residencia universitaria

Gijon Surf Hostel Students Residence,

The long stay accommodation GijónSurfHostel proposed for students, workers and sportsmen, is located in the best area of the city, just in front of the Beach San Lorenzo and about 5 minutes from the city and University. The Hostel and the University are directly connected by bikeway. Around the corner is a bus stop, as well as free public parking.

Stay green and use public transport and your bicycle. We wholeheartedly promote physical activity and active living in urban environment. For this reason, the Gijon Surf Hostel provides you with bicycles as the best means of transportation, all included in the rent.

The Gijon Surf Hostel won’t keep you away from inviting your family and friends, as we offer you 10 nights’ free accommodation on your disposition. We offer accommodation regardless of sex. To call things as they are, The Gijon Surf Hostel is an excellent place to be for students that:

  • Are committed to their studies and obligations
  • Demonstrate respectful behavior towards their fellow students and common areas
  • Are interested in an community life
  • Live and active life
  • Have a sense of hospitality

Capacity: The Gijon Surf Hostel is accommodating 11 people, with 6 shared or private rooms and 1 private suite.